Monday, September 24, 2012

Pryce, Malcolm: The Day Aberystwyth Stood Still

In the splendid alternative Wales which has been at war with Patagonia, where Louie Knight leads a Marlowe-like existence as Aberystwyth's only private eye, strange events have occured. As if the author's earlier imaginings were not enough, we now have extra-terrestrial beings and others looking for a dead man. Well up to the witty and believable standard of the previous books, this one is solidly based even though the overall premise may not be. The exposition of the plot resonates with reminders of the novels of Chandler and MacDonald without being overly strained and there is a definite hint of world-weariness appearing as the book progresses. It will be better to read the earlier books first though this one does stand on its own. Well up to the very high standard Malcolm Pryce has set himself

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