Monday, September 24, 2012

Frightfest 2012 Day 4: 26.8.2012

We Are The Night directed by Dennis Gansel is a stylish vampire film set in Berlin. There are three of them, Louise who is searching for her last love, Charlotte who misses the daughter she last saw in 1923 while the third just wants to have sex and fun. Lena, a pickpocket on the run is seen by Louise who is convinced she is the one she is seeking. Although joining the undead, Lena falls in love with a policeman who is chasing them and from this point on, the vampires are in trouble. True love does finally prevail, however. A delightful romp of a film. The Inside directed by Eoin Macken had its world premiere and possibly its only ever showing. A group of girls go to celebrate the birthday of one of them in a disused warehouse (WHY?) where they are terrorised and abused by a group of vagrants before falling prey to something apparently supernatural. This is all seen on a camcorder picked up by a young man who goes to investigate only to be killed by the one survivor before sheescapes into the Dublin streets to be hit and killed by a car. This film made 'Nightbreed' (see Day 2) look a masterpiece. Alas we were stuck in the middle of the back row with one of the cast next to me so politeness meant we suffered! Sleep Tight directed by Jaume Balaguero unfortunately lived up to its title as I slept through a fair amount though through no fault of the film. What I did see was well done in this tale of a janitor who obsesses on a new occupant to the extent of raping her in her sleep though he is eventually found out and dimissed. Berberian Sound Studio directed by Peter Strickland has Toby Jones working as a sound engineer on an Italian horror film though his background is nature documentaries. No gory or scary scenes are viewed and the whole film develops from his reaction to what he sees as he produces the sound effects. Something of a disappointment

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