Sunday, October 16, 2011

Frightfest 2011: Day 5 (29.08.2011)

The Caller: set in San Juan, Puerto Rico, presumably because of funding since none of the main cast have any connection with the island, this is a generational thriller where the heroine receives telephone calls apparently from the past. So-so.
Deadheads: a zombie road trip movie about which I remember less than nothing which was probably what I felt at the time.
Sennentunschi; a Swiss film with Roxane Mesquida in the lead which is based on a legend of a woman made of straw brought tolife by the Devil to cook and keep house for Alpine hunters. When treated as a whore by them, she takes a terrible revenge. This version has Mesquida kept captive by the local priest until she escapes and is taken care of by the local policeman. He takes her from the village to a hut on upper pastures where he leaves her in the care of a shepherd and his
simpleton son; they are joined by a killer on the run, tension rises and killing follows with an ending which harks back to an earlier tragedy. Apparently the first genre film from Switzerland, this is a well made and well acted film.
Inbred: a bunch of delinquents are taken to a lonly cottage in Yorkshire on a weekend away meant to improve their social
skills. Unfortunately, they upset the locals who are psychopaths whose regular entertainment seems to be watching different ways of torture and death. Sort of jokey apart from the resulting death of all the visitors.
A Lonly Place To Die: set in the Scottish Highlands not too far from Inverness, a bunch of climbers set out on a weekend trip but run across a Serbian girl trapped in an underground bunker. Having released her, they find themselves hunted by the
kidnappers who proceed to kill most of them as they try to get the girl back to safety. The girl's father is a Serbian criminal and he has his men hunting the kidnappers as well. The denouement is in a small town where some sort of midsummer festival is on the streets in the late evening. Rather implausible but well done and the best of the British films seen here this year.

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