Sunday, October 16, 2011

Frightfest 2011: Day 3 (27.08.2011)

Troll Hunter: a Norwegian film using found footage to tell the story. Not a process that I like as it does make for difficult viewing but there is sufficient 'proper' filming to offset this and the scenery is glorious. The title tells it all - trolls do exist and are kept secret and controlled by a secret Government department but three students stumble on this and are taken along by the eponymous lead. The special effects are well done with there being different types of troll.
The Wicker Tree: Robin Hardy has produced a variant follow-up to the unforgettable 'The Wicker Man' with a different variation on pagan practices. A born-again Christian evangelical singer and her boy friend embark on a Scottish tour and are
guests of a local laird in south-west Scotland where they eventually discover that all is not as they thought to the eventual
demise of them both. Possibly a second viewing may improve my feeling for the film but I suspect that the real problem lies in the cast. None of them hold a candle to the original cast, even the less important of the latter such as Britt Eklund and the two original leads - Edward Woodward and the great Christopher Lee - are so superior as to be in a different world.
My Sucky Teen Romance: made by an 18 year old and it showed though it is better than a lot of first efforts even with such a
silly story line.
Fright Night 3D: a remake with Colin Farrell, David Tennant and Toni Collette of the original with the 3D adding little to the film which is glossy, reasonaly well-made but a waste of time.
The Woman: a feral woman is captured by a bullying husband whose attitude to his wife leaves one wondering why he married except, possibly, to continue his species. He and his teenage son torture her and humiliate her until she gets free and turns the tables on both his family and him though not before a resourceful female reporter has also been killed by him. A stand out performance by Pollyanna McIntosh in a thoroughly nasty film.
Chillerama: the second compendium film of the weekend starting with a ridiculous episode about a sperm that kept growing;
made in the style of some horror films of the 60s, this was abad as it sounds. This was followed by an even worse sequence called 'The Diary of Anne Frankenstein' which we did not see to the end - the usual delay to later items on the daily programme meant this film started much later than it should have and the badness compounded this

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