Saturday, November 21, 2009

Morgan, Richard: Market Forces

This powerful novel postulates a newar future in which corporations vie with each other to run countries economically for the returns this brings with promotion and the winning of contracts being settled by duels to the death using cars. The protagonist is married and his wife is the one who keeps his car in the best condition possible. With a possibly fading reputation, he has joined a new firm at the start of the book. A series of scenes show his progress from a near liberal state of mind in which he is considering joining a branch of the UN which tries to limit excesses to being completely in tune with the system, losing his wife in the process and finally killing his best friend in the final trial. An England with safe, highly-desirable secure areas on the one hand is contrasted with the run-down slums controlled by gangs with little regard for life.
Well-written and believable, Morgan has taken a number of current trends in society and pushed them to somewhat extreme conclusions to present yet another dystopia for those not well up the ladder of success.

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