Thursday, November 19, 2009

London Film Festival 2009: Summary

Films selected for Festivals are chosen because of the director in some instances, actors in some instances and subject matter in others - animation, fantasy, silents and Far Eastern historicals. This year was no different with the two animated features, the three silents, the Depardieu, Coen Brothers, Jeunet and Breillat etc. There were a number of disappointments with the two documentaries being particularly poor and some of the others no more than average but there were some definite delights. 'Fantastic Mr Fox' and 'Metropia', 'Bellamy'and 'Kamui' were well above average. The three best films were ' A Serious Man', 'Laila' and 'J'accuse' which are sufficiently different that it would be invidious to choose between them. I think that future programmes may require a more careful reading and some supplementary checking to limit the mistakes.

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pppatty said...

I think in future for our own sanity it would be best to avoid anything where there is likely to be a lengthy intro from some self-important bod or where the start time is likely to be delayed by a preponderance of so-called VIPs in attendance. Mind you -- you can't always win. Think about the delay in starting the screening of "Broken Embraces" which was sold-out and therefore late starting because some seats were still unoccupied. Grrr!