Monday, June 19, 2017

Fowler, Christopher: Bryant and May The Bleeding Heart

Again, I am reviewing some time after the reading of this, the most recent Bryant and May novel
I have read.   The Peculiar Crimes Unit is now under the control of the City of London Police but
no more secure than it has been for many years.   This tale has two teenagers see a dead man arise
from his grave though the male teenager is killed shortly afterwards.   Graves are desecrated and
the case develops into an investigation of a local funeral director who provides the common link
between the graves.   Parallel to this, Bryant is also trying to find out why the ravens have left
the Tower.   With the usual plethora of local London knowledge providing the backdrop to the
investigations, the final solution does rely as much on instinct as it does on regular police work.
The end leaves Bryant and May looking at the Thames from the middle of Waterloo Bridge with
Bryant wrapping up the loose ends.   I did not find this quite as good as some of the recent
books in the series though it is still better than most of its kind.

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