Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Harrison, M. John: Light

The book has three stories which do connect to each other - one in the present tells of a brilliant
scientist who is a serial killer having disputes with his partner and sex with his ex wife who appears
to be the only person with whom he is at all comfortable.   The discoveries he and his partner make
lead to inter-stellar travel in the future which is where the other two stories are situated.   One tells
of a genetically modified female who flies a starship, this being what she has chosen to do.   The
other tells of a male pilot, very much down on his luck, who gets employment in a circus of sorts.
Each part is imaginatively told and complete in itself.   The link from the present to the other two
which are set in 2400AD is straightforward and not emphasised.   The link between the two future
stories is also not emphasised as the link is not necessary to the plot of either.   It does, however,
become revealed in a few sentences which indicate that the down and out is the younger brother of
the modified pilot.   Very imaginative and well-written.

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