Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Crackanthorpe, David: The Ravenglass Line

I sometimes wonder why I have certain books but must assume that this one, like numerous others,
was part of the Times/W H Smith half-price series.    One of two brothers is arrested in France but
is released on bail put up by his younger brother who wants him to find out how involved their
mother is with a dubious Hungarian entrepreneur.   The mother is well to do, having inherited the
family shipping and transport business which the younger son now runs, but she has given the
Hungarian considerable amounts of money and is one of those rich women who do not really give
any thought to the effects her actions may produce.   The older brother has an affair with his sister-
in-law in the course of uncovering the Hungarian's illegal transporting of Romanian women and
children who are taken to the empty, dilapidated family mansion in rural Lancashire where the
brother ends his career.   The final chapter tidies up in a rather unlikely manner the mother's problem
and the brothers' entanglement.    An easy read but no more

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