Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fowler, Christopher: Bryant and May and the Invisible Code

Arthur Bryant is asked by Kasavian who is the civil servant trying to close down the Peculiar Crimes
Unit to do him a favour.   He is concerned about his much younger foreign wife and wants Bryant to
investigate.   Bryant and May meet her and find nothing untoward while officially looking at the murder in St Bride's churchyard of a scientist who had worked at Porton Down before apparently
committing suicide.   A paparazzi who had an interest in Kasavian's wife is also murdered and both
Bryant and May follow up their own ideas of what has happened with no immediate success.   Of
course, by the end all is revealed with, yet again, a rather unexpected climax.   The usual effective
use of London as a background, Bryant's pre-occupation with the occult and the lively interplay with
other unit members keep the story moving most enjoyably.

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