Monday, January 14, 2013

Twelve Trees, John: The Traveller

There are ordinary people, Travellers who are able to enter another dimension and Harlequins whose function is to protect Travellers beyond anything else.   Travellers and thus Harlequins are looked on as destroyers of the status quo, the situation in which governments control and manipulate people.   The increasing use of computers, computer-linked items such as credit cards, cctv systems etc make it much easier to control and to trace the unwanted elements.   This book tells how a girl called Maya tries to deny her training as a Harlequin until her father, recently crippled, is murdered in Prague.   She has to trace two brothers, both of whom may well be Travellers.   To do this, she goes to the USA to find that her primary connection has turned against the basic code of Harlequins to assist a major corporation to extend its power by tracking down and using a Traveller.   One of the brothers succumbs to them while the other does not and much of the book relates his adventures with Maya in evading capture and in trying to find and rescue his brother - not that the brother wants that.   Absolute hokum with a strong undercurrent of paranoia at the way people in general are nowadays caught in the system.

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