Monday, January 23, 2012

Fowler, Christopher: The Victoria Vanishes

This appears to be the last novel featuring Bryant and May. At the wake following Oswald Finch's funeral, Bryant slips a letter of resignation into Land's pocket and, on his way home sees a woman by the pub named in the title. The next day the pub has vanished and the woman has been murdered. In the ensuing investigation, the expected esoteric facts about London are given as the Peculiar Crimes Unit uncovers a number of related murders, all in pubs. There is a distinct elegiac tone to the book but it is written with the usual verve and style, twists and wrong turnings, that have characterised the earlier books.
I did not, however, find it quite as good as the earlier ones though still better than most of the genre. There is a book of short stories featuring the two which I look forward to reading

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