Friday, July 15, 2011

Maberry, Jonathan: Patient Zero

I read this after a teasing review in either 'The Times' or 'Time Out'. The hero seems to be too good to be true with lightning
reflexes and a lack of conscience when it comes to the bad guys. The premise of the book is the development of a drug which turns people into zombies, as does their then biting others, with a double villain. The money provider for the work
done in developing the drug is the head of a world-wide drug corporation whose intent is to capture the world drug market
but he is working with the talented wife of a terrorist Muslim whose aim is the destruction of the USA and the entire Western
world. Thus, there are two threads - one the efforts to contain and wipe out the zombies on US soil and the other the way in which the jihadist outwits the man with the money. The book moves along at a fast pace and there are no untoward leaps of faith required to follow the story as long as the basic idea is accepted. A sequel appears to be set up at the end but I will take my time getting to it.

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