Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grimwood, Jon Courtenay: Stamping Butterflies

I must have read the trilogy of 'Felaheen', 'Effendi' and 'Pashazade' some time before I started reviewing as it was my memory
of those books that made me choose this one which links events in 1969 Marrakesh with an attempted assination of the US
President in the present day of the novel and life on a distant planet in the far future. Gradually the strands come together with, understandably, the links between the former two more obvious than the final connection. The writing evokes the
different settings very tellingly and the complicated tale keeps one's attention throughout. The jumps from 1969 to now to
whenever do sometimes jar a little for this reader - I was almost tempted to read each part through rather than accepting the
developing interlinking pattern. Very inventive and very well written.

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