Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bateman: Orpheus Rising

A successful one book author returns to the Florida resort where he had lived and married 10 years earlier before his wife had
been killed in a bank raid. The first part of the book alternates between his present life and the story of how he met and then married his dead wife.....except he sees her which creates problems with his life. He gets sufficiently drunk to hurt himself, starts an affair with the woman who had a childhood crush on him while continuing to see head people - but only he
can see them. The book has thus developed into a version of the Orpheus legend with those he sees having a physical presence for him alone. The author does not use a first name for some reason best known to himself. His writing is fluid and all parts of the book move along smoothly though he does commit the standard error of confusing 'prevaricate' with
'procrastinate'. I suppose, it being a retelling of the legend, it is reasonable for the dead to have a physical presence for him
though this is a little disconcerting. I think I need to try at least one more of his books before deciding whether this is an
interesting one-off or part of an ongoing theme (though I note from the front papers that he has two crime series as well as his other works.

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