Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camilleri, Andrea: The Paper Moon

Another chapter in the life of Inspector Montalbano with the familiar wry musings and the usual complex plot with the implied
presence of the Mafia (not that this is ever specifically named). The murder of an informer which is the name given to independent sales reps for pharmaceutical companies involves three beautiful women, the mystery of the dead man's wealth and incidental connections with dead politicians and drug trafficking. Written clearly with the musings of the Inspector well to the fore, the story keeps moving apace up to the denouement. I have seen references to the way in which the translator
has handled the speech of one of the policeman who, I assume, speaks with a heavy local accent with a tendency to malapropisms. I think this is well handled in the context. Possibly a little lighter in tone than some of the other recent Italian crime writers but not hiding the evils involved, Camilleri continues to provide a highly entertaining and satisfactory read.

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