Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hammesfahr, Petra: The Sinner

A young woman kills a man one sunny afternoon in full view of her family and others and is arrested and, quite naturally,
confesses. The Police Commissioner in charge refuses to close the file and starts his own investigation to find out why she
did it. The book gradually exposes her past piecing together often confusing recollections from the woman herself. Her
descent into madness is excellently teased out in this excellent novel which has reminders in its tone and content of the
work of the great Patricia Highsmith though this book is definitely more intense and disturbing.

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pppatty said...

If only to demonstrate that I do have a look at your blog occasionally, even if I have nothing to say since I haven't read this one, here goes. It doesn't sound as complicated as the one you described to me, but perhaps that was something else!!!