Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anna M: Michel Spinosa

In the eponymous lead role, Isabelle Carre yet again gives an outstanding performance of a disturbed woman. While out walking the dog, she steps in front of a car - an unexplained action which does bring Gilbert Melki into the film as the doctor who treats her. She becomes obsessed with him even though he is married and shows her no more than the kindness one might expect of a doctor. There are one or two scenes involving the two where he should have been more circumspect but
by then her infatuation has become clinical. With the help of a girl friend she appears to have been cured but the closing shots leave this in doubt. Well supported by the rest of the cast, this is very much a tour de force by Carre. I only hope she is able to extend her range in films we have yet to see.

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