Friday, October 16, 2009

Frightfest 2009: Day 4

'Dead Snow' is a delightful Nazi zombie comic chiller from Norway in which a group of medical students on a weekend ski trip
inadvertently resurrect a murderous SS squad from World War 2. Not so much a story as a series of sometimes scary but often funny events which see the students die one by one to a never-ending supply of zombies. Great fun.
'Human Centipede (First Sequence)' is about a mad doctor trying to graft humans nose to arse, having already done so with dogs. I only saw the opening half hour or so which was well photographed and seemed to be developing into a really nasty and scary movie.
'Pontypool' is set in a radio studio in the town of that name with a fading shock jock who is brilliantly played by Stephen
McHattie. A deadly virus is causing people to kill and it becomes clear eventually that the virus is caused by the English
language. Most of this is not seen but reported, adding to the weirdness, though the station manager's assistant does become infected and batters herself to death. What keeps the film together is not only the odd premise but especially the
stunning tour de force by McHattie.
'Night of the Demons' is another wakening the demons chiller which is well photographed but not at all involving. Had I
written this closer to seeing it, I might have had more to say but it left virtually no impression on me. Visually it was rather
like an extended music video
'Clive Barker's Dread' expands a novella into a full length film examining what makes people scared. No great shakes with
average performances from the main characters.

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pppatty said...

I doubt that the Human Centipede improved after we left and I thought the part we saw was poorly done; however since it is apparently only the first part of some kind of magnum opus, we will probably be subjected to the whole deal in due course. Now that's something to look forward to!